Formula 1 - statistiche dal 1950 fino ad oggi .
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Monte Carlo 2006 - cronologia

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cronologia del fine settimana di corsa

sab.pom.Felipe Massaritiro - errore di pilota
sab.pom.Michael Schumacherritiro - disqualificato
viaTiago Monteiro, Christijan Alberscollisione
1Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massaordine di squadra
2Kimi Räikkonen, Mark Webbermanovra di sorpasso
2Michael Schumacher, Christijan Albersmanovra di sorpasso
2Michael Schumacher, Scott Speedmanovra di sorpasso
3Felipe Massa, Franck Montagnymanovra di sorpasso
3Felipe Massa, Takuma Satomanovra di sorpasso
Christijan Alberspilota penalizzato
20Michael Schumacher, Jenson Buttonmanovra di sorpasso
32Giancarlo Fisichella, Nico Rosbergmanovra di sorpasso
33Felipe Massa, Scott Speedmanovra di sorpasso
39Giancarlo Fisichella, David Coulthardmanovra di sorpasso
39Michael Schumacher, Christijan Albersmanovra di sorpasso
39Michael Schumacher, Scott Speedmanovra di sorpasso
40Giancarlo Fisichella, Jacques Villeneuvemanovra di sorpasso
40David Coulthard, Jacques Villeneuvemanovra di sorpasso
40Michael Schumacher, Jenson Buttonmanovra di sorpasso
41Nico Rosberg, Jacques Villeneuvemanovra di sorpasso
43Giancarlo Fisichella, Vitantonio Liuzzimanovra di sorpasso
43Michael Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuvemanovra di sorpasso
44David Coulthard, Vitantonio Liuzzimanovra di sorpasso
Giancarlo Fisichella, Vitantonio Liuzzimanovra di sorpasso
47Takuma Satoritiro - sconosciuto
inizio fase SC
49Mark Webberritiro - motore
51Kimi Räikkonenritiro - motore
52Nico Rosbergritiro - propulsione
fine fase SC
57Christian Klienritiro - cambio
59Tiago Monteiro, Franck Montagnymanovra di sorpasso
Jacques Villeneuvepilota penalizzato
74Jarno Trulliritiro - guasto
Last row on the grid for Ferrari
Filipe Massa has an accident very early in the first qualifying session and is the only driver without qualifying time, Michael Schumacher drives the best time, but stops in the corner just a few seconds before the end of the last qualification session. This way he disturbs other drivers, especially Alonso who would probably have made a faster lap by about 0.3 seconds and would have beaten Schumacher without this incident.

Schumacher can celebrate his "pole position" but is disqualified in the evening and has to start from last place on the grid.

So this race is the first race ever in which Ferrari has to start from the last row on the grid.

Nothing unusual occurs during the start but during the first laps Räikkonen is able to overtake Webber and pressure Alonso who is leading.

In the second half of the race a lot of drivers have to retire from the race, among them Webber, Räikkonen, Trulli and Klien.

Alonso wins the race without any serious competition, lucky Montoya and Coulthard get onto the podium because of the retirements.

Schumacher is able to get 5th place and Alonso's lead in the championship widens to 21 points.

Traduzione in italiano di Piero Peruzzi.