Formula 1 - statistiche dal 1950 fino ad oggi .
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Sepang 2005 - cronologia

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cronologia del fine settimana di corsa

2Jenson Button, Kimi Räikkonenmanovra di sorpasso
2Patrick Friesacher, Christijan Albersmanovra di sorpasso
3Jenson Buttonritiro - motore
3Anthony Davidsonritiro - motore
3Patrick Friesacherritiro - sconosciuto
9Tiago Monteiro, Christijan Albersmanovra di sorpasso
Kimi Räikkonenpneumatici
27Jacques Villeneuveritiro - errore di pilota
32Nick Heidfeld, Ralf Schumachermanovra di sorpasso
Ralf Schumacher, Mark Webbercollisione
34David Coulthard, Rubens Barrichellomanovra di sorpasso
35Christian Klien, Rubens Barrichellomanovra di sorpasso
37Giancarlo Fisichella, Mark Webberritiro - collisione
Ralf Schumacheraerodinamica, châssis
45Kimi Räikkonen, Felipe Massamanovra di sorpasso
50Rubens Barrichelloritiro - pneumatici
The end of Ferrari-domination?
Already at the qualifying, Ferrari looks really bad with places 12 and 13.

Renault and Toyota are dominating the qualifying, with Renault being able to score the Pole Position again. - But this time without help from the weather.

In the race, Alonso can pull away in front without any problems. The race is a very hot one, just after 2 laps both Honda-motors explode. The hot exhaust gasses also make overtaking in general very hard because drivers have to keep distance to each other.

During the race many teams, especially Ferrari experience problems with the tyres (which can no longer be changed in the pits), Barrichello gives up after being overtaken by both Red Bull drivers and Michael Schumacher (on harder tyres than Barrichello) manages to keep 7th position.

Profiting from the collision between Webber and Fisichella, Trulli is able to score the first place on the podium for Toyota.

After the race, Bridgestone took responsibility for Ferrari's bad performance and promised better tyres for the Ferrari F2005, which may already race in Bahrain.

Traduzione in italiano di Piero Peruzzi.