Formula 1 - statistiche dal 1950 fino ad oggi .
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Silverstone 2004 - cronologia

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cronologia del fine settimana di corsa

1Takuma Sato, Juan Pablo Montoyamanovra di sorpasso
2Fernando Alonso, Giorgio Pantanomanovra di sorpasso
2Giancarlo Fisichella, Nick Heidfeldmanovra di sorpasso
3Juan Pablo Montoya, Takuma Satoerrore di pilota
4Fernando Alonso, Cristiano da Mattamanovra di sorpasso
5Christian Klien, Giorgio Pantanomanovra di sorpasso
6Giancarlo Fisichella, Giorgio Pantanomanovra di sorpasso
10Fernando Alonso, Olivier Panismanovra di sorpasso
12David Coulthard, Giorgio Pantanomanovra di sorpasso
14Kimi Räikkonen, Takuma Satomanovra di sorpasso
16Zsolt Baumgartner, Gianmaria Brunimanovra di sorpasso
17Zsolt Baumgartnerritiro - sconosciuto
27Fernando Alonso, Christian Klienmanovra di sorpasso
30Olivier Panisritiro - guasto
inizio fase SC
40Jarno Trulliritiro - sospensione
fine fase SC
48Giorgio Pantanoritiro - incidente
McLaren back again
Because everybody thought that it would start to rain in qualifying, all drivers (except Jenson Button) try to start early in the 2nd qualifying part, which means driving slowly. That causes a very funny first session with slow cars and spins on purose. In the second qualifying session (without any rain), Räikkonen is able to score pole position which demonstrates the big potential of the new McLaren, while Schumacher starts only from place 4.

Räikkonen is able to keep the lead at the start but loses it to Schumacher after the first pit stop.

Because of Trulli's accident, the safety car comes out and Räikkonen is able to refuel without losing a position while Schumacher continues driving.

Schumacher is able to keep the lead and wins 10 out of the first 11 races in this season, but McLaren regains it's place as a top team in Formula 1.

Traduzione in italiano di Piero Peruzzi.