Formula 1 - statistiche dal 1950 fino ad oggi .
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Zeltweg 2002 - cronologia

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cronologia del fine settimana di corsa

sab.pom.Michael Schumachererrore di pilota
1Pedro de la Rosaritiro - @de@Kraftstoffversorgung@
2Ralf Schumacher, Nick Heidfeldmanovra di sorpasso
2Juan Pablo Montoya, Nick Heidfeldmanovra di sorpasso
2Allan McNish, Jarno Trullimanovra di sorpasso
2Jacques Villeneuve, Eddie Irvinemanovra di sorpasso
2Jacques Villeneuve, Takuma Satomanovra di sorpasso
3Jacques Villeneuve, Olivier Panismanovra di sorpasso
3Enrique Bernoldiritiro - collisione
3Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Mark Webbermanovra di sorpasso
4Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Alex Yoongmanovra di sorpasso
4Mark Webber, Alex Yoongmanovra di sorpasso
6Kimi Räikkonenritiro - motore
6Jacques Villeneuve, Jarno Trullimanovra di sorpasso
8Felipe Massaritiro - propulsione
8Jacques Villeneuve, Allan McNishmanovra di sorpasso
10Jacques Villeneuve, Giancarlo Fisichellamanovra di sorpasso
14Jacques Villeneuve, Jenson Buttonmanovra di sorpasso
15Mark Webber, Heinz-Harald Frentzenmanovra di sorpasso
16Alex Yoong, Heinz-Harald Frentzenmanovra di sorpasso
19Jacques Villeneuve, Mika Salomanovra di sorpasso
23Olivier Panisritiro - motore
24inizio fase SC
fine fase SC
27Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Mark Webbermanovra di sorpasso
28Nick Heidfeld, Takuma Satoritiro - collisione
inizio fase SC
fine fase SC
David Coultharderrore di pilota
38Jacques Villeneuve, Giancarlo Fisichellamanovra di sorpasso
39Eddie Irvineritiro - idraulica
40Jacques Villeneuve, David Coulthardmanovra di sorpasso
43Alex Yoongritiro - motore
45Giancarlo Fisichella, David Coulthardmanovra di sorpasso
45Jarno Trulliritiro - @de@Kraftstoffversorgung@
71Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichelloordine di squadra
The comedy of Spielberg
Schumacher won 4 out of 5 races this season and holds nearly twice as many points as the distant second Montoya. Nobody is doubting his 5th championship title and a lot of people are already bored with this Formula 1 season and don't want to see yet another Schumacher-victory.

These are the main reasons why spectators and fans didn't have any understanding of Barrichello letting Schumacher pass after the last corner.

When Schumacher enters the podium he is booed by spectators. The whole race becomes a comedy when Schumacher switches places on the podium and even the press conference after the race. Many feel that Ferrari rubs it into everyone's face that they can choose the winner for a race as they please.

In retrospect, there is truth in both sides of the coin: On one hand, Barrichello was the fastest in the whole weekend and giving Schumacher's and Ferrari's domination, the team-order was uncalled for and completely unnecessary. On the other hand team-orders are nothing new in Formula 1 and are (in 2002) not forbidden.

Traduzione in italiano di Piero Peruzzi.