Formula 1 - statistiche dal 1950 fino ad oggi .
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Berlin 1959 - cronologia

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cronologia del fine settimana di corsa

venJean Behraritiro - incidente
2Stirling Mossritiro - cambio
3Cliff Allisonritiro - frizione
8Innes Irelandritiro - cambio
11Graham Hillritiro - cambio
16Jack Brabhamritiro - frizione
24Masten Gregoryritiro - motore
37Bruce McLarenritiro - frizione
37Hans Herrmannritiro - incidente
50Harry Schellritiro - frizione
One killed for the cold war
The rather boring "AVUS" (Auto Verkehrs und Übungs Strecke: Car Traffic and Practice Track), which is only two corners and two straights, is chosen for political reasons: It lies in Berlin, a very important spot during the cold war. Spectators from the eastern part of the town could also watch the race (the Berlin Wall wasn't built yet) and could pay with worthless eastern Marks, which was financed with tax money by the Maire of West-Berlin, Willy Brandt.

To avoid tyre problems, the race was split up in 2 runs with 30 laps each. (which also never happened before in Formula 1)

During practice, Jean Behra has a fatal accident in the Nordschleife, which is made out of bricks and has almost 45° is the most dangerous part of the track.

Out of 15 starters there are just 9 left for the second part of the race and only 7 finish it.

3 Ferraris win the race, Tony Brooks in front of Dan Gurney and Phil Hill.

Traduzione in italiano di Piero Peruzzi.