Formula 1 - statistiche dal 1950 fino ad oggi .
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corsa:Sao Paulo 2003
tracciato:Interlagos 2000
categoria:corsa fermata
descrizioneBecause of the accidents of Webber and Alonso which caused a lot of debris on the track, the race was stopped. 53 laps count. Bad luck for Coulthard and Ralf Schumacher, both have entered the pits a few minutes before and lost several places - and in case of Coulthard maybe the victory. Fisichella overtook Räikonnen in the 54th lap, which was no longer counted. - So is Räikonnen the lucky winner. But also Fisichella can consider himself lucky because his motor broke just at the drive to the podium.
UPDATE: As announced by the FIA on April 9th, Fisichella has already began his 56th lap when the race was stopped, so the 54th lap would count and Fisichella would be the winner of the race.


"I could have had 3 wins in 3 races. This is exactly the kind of luck which Schumacher had. Also today is the case, where you can wonder what could have been. Again a victory was taken from me, stolen. Now Kimi won and I'm 11 points behind in the championship." -- David Coulthard

"Meine Mechaniker haben mir genauso gratuliert wie ein paar Journalisten, aber ich kann mir nix dafür kaufen. Am Ende des Tages stehen null Punkte und das ist verdammt bitter. Im anschließenden Briefing mit den Ingenieuren dann die niederschmetternde Erkenntnis: Sie haben ausgerechnet, dass ich bei normalem Rennverlauf auf Platz zwei gelandet wäre! Verdammt!" -- Ralf Schumacher

"At first I wasn't sure wether the race would be stopped or restarted. I went to the FIA and they told me that I've won. Of course I was happy." -- Kimi Räikkonen

Traduzione in italiano di Piero Peruzzi.